Corporate Overview

Canadian Energy Strategies Inc, CESi, is a 100% Canadian owned natural gas supply and energy management company. With headquarters in Kitchener, Ontario, CESi provides exceptional service and support to a variety of industrial and commercial clients both locally and within other provinces.

With over 50 years industry related experience, the partners of CESi have vast expertise including market analysis, gas portfolio management, electricity management, and regulatory issues. CESi is a member of the Ontario Energy Marketers Associations (OEMA) and is an active participant in the Ontario Energy Board regulatory hearings.

CESi offers natural gas services including commodity and transportation sales, as well as load balancing management, rate and risk assessments. Utilizing strategic procurement techniques with detailed, personalized portfolio management CESi has the ability to simplify industry complexities, save customers time and assist with avoiding costs.

CESi wholesales natural gas supply directly from the wellhead in Alberta, points in the U.S. and Ontario. As your energy manager, CESi, communicates market behavior effectively while providing expertise to assist you with your natural gas portfolios.

We can demystify the natural gas market. Natural gas is one of the safest and cleanest energy resources available. In its purest form natural gas has no colour or no odour. It burns clean and emits few harmful byproducts into the environment. Natural gas can be used to keep our homes warm, generate electricity and much more.

CESi also manages industrial and commercial electricity portfolios.  With services ranging from energy audits to rate optimization to negotiating government funding applications, we can provide all of your electricity management needs.  Our in-house team includes certified energy auditors, certified energy managers, and professional engineers.

Natural gas is an irreplaceable non-renewable resource: we are however, by no means, running out of this commodity any time soon. With new developments in the shale gas industry in the Eastern US and Canada there are sufficient stores of fuel for years to come. Our task, as a natural gas portfolio manager, is to supply you the gas when you need it. We realize that current news events, weather trends and political shifts affect the price of natural gas. Our knowledge and experience enable CESi to anticipate market movements, manage your gas portfolios prudently and provide cost saving opportunities for you.

We provide ‘one on one’ personalized service and account management, CESI representatives are easily accessible and promptly respond to your concerns. We answer your questions in a timely fashion with precision and dedication.