Meet The Team

Jim Locke, P.Eng


The principal co-founder of one of the earliest and most successful natural gas marketing companies in Canada, Cibola Canada, Jim brings over 25 years of natural gas experience to the team. His initial direct purchase company Cibola, grew to over 200 industrial clients and in 1997, 6 years after the company initiation, Cibola was purchased by Coral Energy, a member of the Shell family of companies. Jim worked briefly as president of Coral Energy before leaving to start Canadian Energy Strategies Inc, a 100% Canadian owned and operated company in 2001.



Vince Yee

Vice-President, Sales and Business Development

Mr. Yee is a 17 year veteran of the energy industry and possesses in depth knowledge of the natural gas industry. He learned the business of the energy industry during his 7 years at Union Gas Limited headquartered in Chatham, Ontario. Having held various roles in Gas Supply and managing the Direct Purchase group, he also spent 4.5 years with a related energy marketing group in the role as Manager, Asset Management. In this position he was responsible for management and gas supply procurement for a portfolio of industrial clients. Mr. Yee is part of the company’s Sales and Business Development team and is responsible for all sales with new and existing customers in Canada.



Warren Locke, P.Eng, CEM

Chief Executive Officer

Warren brings a background in engineering specifically suited to commercial, industrial, and institutional projects. His work as a manager in a consulting engineering firm has given him working knowledge of the energy systems required to run each facility, and specifically efficiencies of process equipment. With many years experience managing customers buildings, Warren can easily help clients manage their energy usage and provides expert guidance through government incentive and rebate programs.



Andrew Locke

Manager of Operations

Andrew uses his knowledge to help our customers develop forecasts and budgets to optimize their bottom line. He will also analyze utility bills to ensure that you are in the right rate class with the utility. He is able to use these avenues to help the customer optimize their utility spending costs.



Carrie Couch

Office Administration Manager

With a background in the financial and manufacturing industry, Carrie is able to apply the fundamentals learned from both to the natural gas environment at Canadian Energy Strategies. Carrie has a broad range of administrative experience and is accustomed to hosting  pivotal roles as either a ‘front line’ or ‘behind the scene’ team player.




Steven Zingaro, EIT, CEAIT

Energy Management Represenative

Steven's background in engineering will allow him to provide guidance to industrial and commercial businesses on energy efficiency and reduction.  Specializing in electricity management, and as a CEAIT, he can help customers improve their company's performance and reduce costs.  The extensive electricity management portfolio provided by CESi ensures that there is something that each company can benefit from.  



Luke Climenhage, EIT

Energy Management Representative

Luke comes from a continuous improvement background, working as a process engineer for several manufacturing companies before coming to CESi. He brings to the team a background in engineering and innovation, and focusses on assisting companies with their natural gas procurement through strategic planning.