Volume Management And Billing Services


Comprehending the utility contracts that support your use of the system



  • Interpret contracts to avoid costly fines and mistakes.
  • Perform the vast amount of conversion paperwork.


Forecasting and Budgeting

  • Develop forecasts that maximize savings on utility contracts.
  • Weekly update of volume data to minimize costs and penalties.


Invoice Verification and Tracking

  • Cross reference and summarize invoices to sales from all parties in a monthly report and year to date budget.
  • Consult with you to review strategies to minimize exposure to volatile markets.
  • Monitor and review your budgets quarterly and revise risk management and business strategies to plan and ensure strategy continues to meet or exceed client needs.
  • Recommend proactive decisive actions to ensure maximum benefits are achieved when opportunities in the market present themselves.


Utility Management

  • Review utility contract levels for possible savings and potential risks.
  • Take action before utility deadlines to avoid costly penalties.
  • Monitor and propose timely actions to ensure contract compliance with the utility.
  • Represent your interests at regulatory meetings and hearings.
  • Perform rate optimization analysis to recommend the delivery rate that best fits your companies energy usage patterns, operational needs and business objectives.
  • Reviewing prior and future forecasts to ensure buying strategies are meeting the needs of our clients.


Load Balancing

Like many things in life achieving equilibrium is the ultimate goal. Whether it’s a perfect work-life balance or a natural gas supply, balance requires management. Utilities need your gas usage to balance at specific “checkpoints” depending on the utility. Your gas usage, depending on your operating parameters, will typically fluctuate from the summer to the winter months. At CESi we manage this fluctuating usage and provide monthly recommendations on when to buy or sell your incoming gas. We help manage your expectations and work with you to ensure your gas service is always in balance.