National Energy Board Rejects TransCanada's Appeal

Jun 19 2013

National Energy Board Rejects TransCanada’s Appeal

On June 11th, the National Energy Board issued a letter stating they have dismissed the application for review filed by TransCanada on May 1st in its entirety.  The board did not provide specific reasoning for the denial of the application but will do so at a later date.  As a result, TransCanada will be required to implement an Empress to Dawn toll of $1.42 per gigajoule beginning July 1st, 2013.  This fixed toll is significantly less than what has been charged since 2011 and will be in effect through 2017.[i]


Review of Tariff Proposal Granted

The board did however deem that part of TransCanada’s application regarding changes to the tariff proposal will be treated as a separate application and has granted a review to take place.  The tariff proposal looks to modify terminology and aspects of certain tariffs that TransCanada believes are not appropriate under the new model that the Board has established.  The review process will consist of a variety of stakeholders providing and replying to evidence throughout the summer and will culminate in an oral hearing that will commence September 3rd, 2013.[ii]



[ii] A3I3T0 - 1 May 2013 Application for Review and Variance

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