Enbridge Scam Alert
Icon Natural Gas Feb 21, 2023
Enbridge has released notice that there are suspicious emails posing as Enbridge.
OEB Fines Enbridge
Icon Natural Gas Dec 20, 2022
OEB has fined Enbridge inc., after review of multiple customer service complaints.
Record Volatility
Icon Natural Gas Jun 2, 2022
Natural gas rates have reached unprecedented levels in 2022. What are some of the reasons behind this surge and where do we see the market heading through 2022 into 2023.
Ontario's New Carbon Pricing System
Jan 7, 2021
The Federal Government of Canada has approved Ontario’s proposal to substitute the Federal Output Based Pricing System for the Ontario Emissions Performance Standards program. The Output Based Pricing System, or OBPS, has been the Federal backstop for provinces that did not have their own carbon pricing plans in place.
Natural Gas Not As Affected By Oil Price Drop
Apr 28, 2020
For years, the prices of oil and natural gas have been heavily correlated, as the production of natural gas in Canada comes as a by-product of oil extraction.
Ontario Electricity Relief Program
Mar 25, 2020
Ontario releases new Electricity Relief program for residential and small business
Canadian Federal Parties and their Energy Policies
Oct 8, 2019
One of the largest factors playing into the voting decision of many professionals in the energy management industry, whether that be natural gas, electricity producers, or facility managers, is of course: ENERGY.
New Developments in Natural Gas Storage Solutions
Aug 12, 2019
New research has emerged in the field of Absorbed Natural Gas (ANG). ANG is an alternative to Compressed or Liquified Natural Gas (CNG and LNG), which may include a process that is both more financially feasible and safer to handle than the two current options.
Carbon Pricing in Ontario Begins August 2019
Jul 8, 2019
Over the past month, large moves have been made on the fate of the Federal carbon pricing backstop in Ontario. Companies will be seeing a new line item on their Enbridge bills beginning next month, with a $0.0391/m3 charge being added and back-billed to include all gas consumed from April 1st onward.
Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion
Jun 19, 2019
Government Approves Trans Mountain and how that affects the Canadian Oil Industry.