Gas Supply

On paper CESi provides Natural Gas Direct purchase supply options for Western, Ontario and Quebec delivered gas. However, we do not stop there. We provide value added services required in today’s complex energy market. Our team offers timely solutions to manage every natural gas portfolio, so that our clients always receive leading edge ideas and a proactive rather than reactive analysis of their energy requirements.



Let us assist with minimizing total energy costs by teaching aspects of the Natural Gas Network that directly affect the energy expenditure of your business.

  • As an independent Natural Gas marketer, CESi holds no interest in any one gas supplier; providing objective and unbiased recommendations to our clients.
  • Understanding the gas supply system from wellhead to burner tip.
  • Knowing the utility process that operate the Gas Network
  • Familiarity with risk management techniques in purchasing gas supply.
  • Provide you with year end balance and budget projections each month so that you are able to look ahead at your end of contract position and anticipate the best opportunities to purchase or shed gas.
  • Help you reduce unwanted exposure to price volatility and secure energy prices that fit your budget and objectives.
  • Monitoring and reporting of all conditions that affect the Natural Gas market such as weather reports, storage levels and well head production.


Forecasting and Budgeting

  • Weekly update of volume data to minimize costs and penalties.


Gas Supply Management

  • Monitor market conditions at NYMEX and AECO throughout the day to help circumvent price escalations.
  • Use all utility capabilities to ensure opportunities to avoid costs are not missed.
  • Daily nomination of volumes in every utility system so clients do not have to incur the cost of hiring a gas specific employee.
  • Daily monitoring of critical pipeline notices enabling immediate appropriate actions to evade penalty costs
  • Offer price terms that meet needs versus a ‘one size fits all’ mentality.
  • Utilize leading edge strategic procurement techniques to offer flexible price terms that meet your needs.