World's first LNG-powered container ship, the Isla Bella, begins service

Nov 2 2015

Isla Bella

On Friday, General Dynamics subsidiary NASSCO has delivered Isla Bella, the world's first container ship to be powered by liquefied natural gas.

Isla Bella is the first of two 764-foot long Marlin Class container ships contracted by TOTE Maritime. Together, the two vessels will be the largest LNG-powered dry cargo ships in the world.

Officials with NASSCO say the ship's natural gas-powered engine will boost the vessel's fuel efficiency, drastically reducing its emissions— equivalent to taking 15,700 gas-powered cars off the road.

"Successfully building and delivering the world's first LNG-powered container ship here in the United States for coast-wise service demonstrates that commercial shipbuilders, and owners and operators, are leading the world in the introduction of cutting-edge, green technology in support of the Jones Act," Kevin Graney, vice president and general manager of General Dynamics NASSCO, said in a press release.

The Jones Act requires that all domestic shipping—shipping from one American port to another— be carried out by American-made and operated ships.

Isla Bella will carry cargo between Jacksonville, Florida, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.






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