Ontario’s Push for Electric Vehicles Continues with More Incentives

Feb 9 2018

   Ontario has been planning for an explosion in electric vehicle (EV) sales, that has been slow to materialize, so they are adding fuel to the fire.  The Government has been rolling out incentive programs over the past few years to try and increase (EV) adoption.  Existing programs included funding for the purchase of an EV and the purchasing and installing of a charging station in residential homes.  These incentives have been popular, but they have not been enough to see widespread adoption.  Many concerns still exist such as range anxiety, long charging times, and a wait and see approach to the new technology.

In order to promote Ontario as a green economy, and further the Government's climate action goals, they are revealing more funding for EVs.  This time targeted at businesses.  On top of existing incentives to buy electric vehicles, the Government has announced funding for charging station in workplaces. Depending on the number of employees, workplaces will be eligible for 2 or more charging stations. This incentive comes just after the Government announced changes to the Ontario Building Code that require some future developments to include electric vehicle charging stations, including residential and commercial provisions.  Lastly the government is rolling out funding for the purchase of electric semi trucks, which was announced coincidentally with Tesla's release of their electric semi.

All of these incentives are available to residents and businesses looking to take the leap and purchase an EV. 


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